Five Fold Happiness: Your Feng Shui Guide to the Year of the Water Snake


In Chinese culture, the Lunar New Year is the most important time of year! Join us on Saturday February 9 at 2pm for a special presentation by Bette Steflik of Shen Men Feng Shui. She will share her Feng Shui knowledge of traditions and ceremonies to attain Five Fold Happiness in the Year of the Snake: Luck, prosperity, longetivity, happiness and wealth. Here is your opportunity to celebrate the power of new beginnings and deepen your success for the year’s good fortune. Bette has been described as “extremely intuitive, open-minded, and fun to work with.”

The Monkey King, 2215 NW Quimby St, Portland, Oregon, 97210. 503-417-1888. Free Admission.

Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration: Lion Dance Custom of Cai Ching 採青

Lion DanceEvery year the staff here at The Monkey King take turns feeding the lion for the Chinese New Year at our annual lion dance. Portland Lee’s Association dancers perform the traditional ritual that’s been enjoyed since the Han Dynasty and we all share good tidings and predictions for the upcoming year. The tradition of “cai ching” (採青), translating to the “plucking the greens,” is always a true crowd pleaser. The lion is teased by a head of lettuce held by a Monkey King employee, which represents prosperity and fortune. In Chinese, saying Lettuce (菜) sounds the same as saying fortune (财). The lion dances about coyly seducing the auspicious symbol with its dance and then suddenly “eats the greens” and spits it out in a festive confetti-like display symbolizing the spread of good fortune for all. We always have lucky Chinese New Year fruit ready – oranges – along with a red envelope containing money for the performers on display for them take as the performance is finished. In return, the dance is said to bring good luck and fortune to our business.

Catch the Lion Dancers in action! Join us at The Monkey King for the Year of the Snake Celebration. They will be performing Saturday February 9, 2013 at 12:30 pm. 2215 NW Quimby St, Portland, Oregon, 97210. 503-417-1888.